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Our staff has decades of experience designing and manufacturing products for oil field environments.

The Welbor team understands the importance of consistent, reliable performance of our products. They know that our customers depend on them to function in the most demanding environments, and that a failure can be extremely costly. Our culture revolves around shipping only products that are the best that we can make them.

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Welbor's downhole brushless motors are ideally suited for the downhole and subsea environment.  Coupled with our controllers and power supplies, they outperform  comparably sized brush style, induction, or stepper motors.   Key features:

Brushless motors have no electrical moving parts and no brushes or contacts to wear out.  They operate well in hydraulic oils and are ideally suited for high pressure applications.

Unlike brush-style DC motors, the windings are on the outside and the magnets are in the rotating section.  As a result the windings are static, and the increased surface area for the windings results in improved heat dissipation.

Welbor rotors are not dependent on epoxy to hold the magnets in place.  Epoxy weakens with temperature and after long exposure to hydraulic fluids, which can result in the magnets flying off the rotor due to centrifugal force.  Welbor captures the magnets in a thin metal sleeve which is heated to expand it over the magnet assembly.  Upon cooling, the magnets are effectively trapped.

Exotic rare earth alloys used in most industrial DC motors have curie temperatures too low for downhole applications.  Welbor magnet assemblies use custom rare earth alloys that meet the temperature demands in downhole applications.

Brushless motors provide full torque from stall to full speed, unlike induction motors, which do not provide torque at lower speeds, making start-up of actuators a snap.

Because they operate from a DC voltage, there are no capacitive line losses through long wireline cables, and no need to invert power when operating from a battery.

The motor controller assembly provides real-time shaft position feedback, and actual motor speed is is available through the electronics, without any uncertainty associated with motor slip. 

Welbor brushless motor are more efficient, with heat losses less than 50% of those of induction or stepper motors.