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Our staff has decades of experience designing and manufacturing products for oil field environments.

The Welbor team understands the importance of consistent, reliable performance of our products. They know that our customers depend on them to function in the most demanding environments, and that a failure can be extremely costly. Our culture revolves around shipping only products that are the best that we can make them.

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Welbor provides linear motion control for high temperature and high pressure applications. By combining Welbor's proven high temperature controller electronics with a brushless or stepping gearmotor and a miniature ballscrew assembly, we provide the force required for shifting, setting, and latching.

Welbor Technology matches your actuator requirement to our product. Our linear actuators are available in configurations to handle your application.

Our highest performance actuators use brushless motors with rare earth laminations to provide a combination of high speed and force. Similar stepping motors are used when the electronics must be most compact.

Both configurations are available with lower power, less expensive motors for those applications in which actuation time is not critical. Welbor uses high output torque planetary gearboxes and precision ballscrews and ballnuts to achieve large forces in small diameters.

Required Housing I.D.

Maximum Output Force

26 mm (1.02 inch)

4,500 N (1,000 lb)

38.1 mm (1.5 inch)

22,500 N (5,000 lb)

88.9 mm (3.5 inch)

266,000 N (60,000 lb)

Cutaway view of ball nut

Hydraulic Linear Actuators

Welbor custom builds hydraulic actuators for applications in which very high forces (225000 N or 50000 lb) are required.

For more information about Welbor Technology's Linear Actuators, contact:

Chris Mayeu